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//  Origin:  WALES, UK
//  Genres:  Indie Pop Rock
//  Years Active:  2012- Present
//  Label:  
//  Website:
Short Bio

A mix of different influences used to create feelings of joy, love and loss......After working internationally as a session player, both live and in the studio, working in studios in Paris, London and New York and stages around the world, Curtis has now moved his focus to his own solo projects. Curtis Simmons chose his home town of Birmingham,UK and the countryside of France to create his musical universe. An artist with eclectic talents, who having played with many international artists, Curtis Simmons' influences are numurous and varied, taking from the 60s and 70s scenes, through to more modern collaborations. The angels he chooses to carry with him are Hendrix, Lennon and Bowie 


// UK Music Magazine

Curtis Simmons has been around a long time now, he was previously a session musician and has shared the stage with some very well known artists......The ‘Lost and Found Again’ 7 track E.P. lasts just under 30 minutes and takes you on a journey that is influenced by some of the greatest artists you can imagine including Lou Reed (and The Velvet Underground), Bowie, The Beatles, Lemmy, Tom Petty and Paul Weller (amongst others)......."Curtis has the ability to write melodies that are infectious, staying with you through your day"

// french media

"Curtis Simmons is the guitar player and artist that brings everything we love about english rock culture to the stages, listen and hear the RocknRoll of the Rolling Stones and the virtuosity like Hendrix or Clapton ....."

// US Music site review

"Just Likes Champagne has a great swing feel and heavy with riffs again, good bass fuzz and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Bowie album from his Ziggy era....."

// a&r Factory international

After perfecting his virtuosic talent working as a session musician for the likes of Polydor Records, Curtis started his own hypnotically rhythmic solo project and enlists the help of his band The Renegades to transform the live events into unmissable high-octane stage shows.

She Just Likes Champagne” is just one of the standout singles which Curtis Simmons has released since the project started in 2016. Expect rolling serpentine rhythms, riffs which will make you feel as though your intestines have been rearranged through the tight winding intricacy and smoky Garage Rock vocals.

With artists such as Bowie, Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello and the Velvet Underground influencing their sound, it was never going to fall flat. But in She Just Likes Champagne, it’s more than perceptible that they’ve added their own nuanced flair to the 70s sound. 



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